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Welcome to training

You will need to do the following to pass and be granted access to your Omni Patternlab site:

  1. Actively participate during presentation by clicking into your reserved training folder and following along.
    1. If you do not have a training folder reserved, let the instructor know so they may set one up for you.
  2. Recreate the pages below by following along with the presentation.
    1. Full-width index page
    2. Sidebar page
  3. The instructor will walk around and view everyone's progress to make sure they are comfortable working within OmniUpdate.
    1. If you have any questions or need the instructor to go over something again, let them know.
  4. After the course, please have your supervisor send a ticket to the OSU Helpdesk to request your access to your department's site.
    1. If you do not currently have a website in the Patternlab templates, you can request one be created in the Helpdesk ticket so you can begin your website migration.

In-person training sites



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